One of the most popular remote control helicopters on the market right now is the S107 rc mini helicopter. This model is hugely sought after thanks to the brilliant design, affordable price tag and the robust build that makes it ideal for beginners. The model is available in various colours and red or yellow are proving to be the most popular choices. If you find it hard to locate a red one, as many people have complained about, never fear, they are out there just look online and you should come across a red model eventually. When you do make sure you snap it up before someone else does. At the moment, these 3 colours ar ethe only ones available, so if you want to try a different one check out the Gyro Zoomer Remote control helicopter that is reviewed by Perpetual thinking.

These mini heliocpters are also worth checking out:

iHelikopter by ThinkGizmos now available in Germany.

Mini hélicoptère by the same brand also in Amazon France.

Great Gadgets with Some Cracking Features

The S107 is 19cm long making it a great size for beginners and amateurs. It is very stable so it is easy to control and although helicopters are known for being tricky to fly you should be able to master the controls in no time at all. The remote control feels great in the hands and takes AA batteries so it’s easy to find replacements once they have run out. The helicopter itself has a Li-Poly battery and its high capacity is able to provide you with some great flight times after a quick 25 minute charge.

Charing the battery is easy. Included in the box is a USB cable so you can charge from any USB port, such as your home computer or laptop. There is also a cable that will allow you to charge the battery from the remote so if you want to charge while out and about it’s possible; a great little feature that makes this model so attractive.

Video Of One Of The Best Mini Helicopters:

Mastering the Controls

When you first take your helicopter for a flight you may experience some crashes. Helicopters are not the easiest things to master but this model is easier to master than most. You can fly in all directions, up and down, left and right and clockwise and anti-clockwise. The design of the build is excellent so you can relax as you learn. Small bumps and crashes will be absorbed, and if you do crash there are some spare rotors included in the box. In all this is a fantastic remote control helicopter and for the price you are getting excellent value for money. Maybe get yourself a remote control helicopter simulator that you can practice on.


  • 8 years and up
  • 3 Channels
  • Remote control requires 6 x AA batteries not included
  • Led lights
  • 19cm long
  • USB or control charging
  • Indoor flying – Outdoor only recommended on very calm days
  • Ready to go out the box – no building required
  • Spare rotors

Now available in Spain:óptero-Teledirigido-Mini-Giroscópico-Zoomer/dp/B004A8I1FE



  1. Never try this before, I can’t wait to have one.

  2. Thanks Alan. The Ligtspeed iHelicopter is awesome for sure.

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