The S107 rc helicopter is a brilliant model to learn on. You can find some incredible deals on these models and they are so stable they are even suitable for absolute beginners; having said that you may experience a few teething troubles, but never fear. As a user of this model it’s easy to sort out the little problems and thanks to the quality of the build it’s possible to get hours and hours of enjoyment from this helicopter, which is why it’s such a fantastic buy.

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Common Problems and the Solutions

  • You may experience that the helicopter drifts slightly when hovering. This is a problem that may arise after a little crash or a bad landing. Don’t worry though as this can be easily amended by simply moving the battery a few millimetres until you find the drift is no longer a problem. You can also add a weight on the nose of the helicopter or some decorations on the tail to even out the weight.
  • If you find the helicopter doesn’t have enough power to lift it off the floor take a look at the rotors. You will probably discover that the one on the bottom is slightly out of place. Push it down and secure it with a little bit of glue to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again.
  • Is your remote control not responding? You may see that the green LED light is flashing or find that the throttle isn’t responding as it should. If this happens all you need to do is file the top cover and this will allow the throttle to close properly and solve the issue.
  • Battery isn’t lasting? First of all check to see that you are leaving it to charge for long enough.  Some people suggest that the battery needs to be replaced to the 240mAh Li-Po option, but this is not the case. Just ensure that you are following the instructions when it comes to charging. If you charge from a laptop make sure the laptop is plugged into the wall or swap to your PC for a stronger source of energy.

Overall you should discover that the S107 is a very sturdy model. If you do experience any bad crashes remember to use the spare rotors to replace any broken ones. You will find that the battery is able to provide you with around seven to eight minutes of flight per charge, just leave the battery to charge for around 25 minutes before you take to the skies.

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  1. Very useful tips, I have fixed my remote control according to this post, thanks!

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