If you are looking for a stable helicopter you can’t go wrong with the S107 RC helicopter. This model is ideal for those who are new to flying remote control helicopters and will help you to master the skill without having to worry about causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. It’s affordable, stable and made to withstand crashes and bumps often experienced by new users.

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Finding the Red Model May Be Difficult

The S107 comes in various colours, and if you like them all you’ll be happy to know that the price is so low they are perfect for collecting so you could have them all. However, the most popular version seems to be the red and they can be very hard to get hold of.

Inside the box you will find everything you need to start flying right away.  There are spare rotors ideal if you are to experience a few crashes.  You will also find the helicopter all set up and ready to fly, all it needs is a quick charge. The remote control will require 6 AA batteries and it’s a great idea to use rechargeable batteries so you can keep on flying the whole year round.

Amazing LED Lights Perfect for Night Flights

The design of the helicopter is ultra-cool. There are LED lights so if you are brave, and want to show off your skills turn off the lights and check out just how cool the LED lights look.  The length of the helicopter is 19cm so it’s not too large to store and will be ideal for showing off on the sideboard when it’s not in use. It has been made out of durable materials and the PCB board has been improved since the earlier model making it easier to control.  The performance has also been improved and you can expect around seven minutes of flight time for a twenty five minute charge.  Charging is easy and you can use the included USB cable or the controller cable that can also be found in the box.

Suitable for Teens and for Adults

The great thing about this RC helicopter is that it is cool enough for kids and for adults. The helicopter can move in six directions which include rotating clockwise and antic clockwise.  You will have hours of fun and learn to master these tricky helicopters in no time at all.


  • 19cm long
  • 3 channels allowing for multiple helicopters to fly at once
  • Indoor flight recommended – Outdoor use only on very calm days
  • 25 minute charge time
  • LED lights
  • Gyro stability
  • Spare rotors
  • Includes manual
  • 8 years and upwards

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  1. It’s good for beginning, I’ll buy one for my kids.

  2. Yes, kids will like Amazing LED Lights.

  3. Nice summary. These are so cheap now its crazy.

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